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Thin-walled square box

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Thin-walled square box

The thin-walled square box hollow floor consists of cavities arranged according to certain rules, replacing the low-efficiency concrete in the middle of the floor to form a two-way hollow floor with the same two-way shear stiffness and bending stiffness. The thin-walled square box is divided into inorganic, PPE, and Three categories of high injection alloys.
The cast-in-situ concrete floor has a built-in thin-walled square box mold embedded regularly, so that the reinforced concrete floor can form a certain interval two-way grid of cast-in-situ ribbed reinforced concrete hollow floor. The thin-walled square box is a fully built-in core mold that can effectively Restricting the deformation and deflection of cast-in-place concrete has the advantages of light weight and high strength.
The thin-walled square box is mainly a square or rectangular cavity with a side length of less than 600mm, and the general side length is 500mm * 500mm, 600mm * 600mm.
A thin-walled square box is a square or rectangular thin-walled hollow small-size fully-enclosed box without a through-hole. The maximum plane size is less than 600mm * 600mm. It is convenient for the cast-in-situ concrete to flow into the bottom of the square box uniformly to form a hollow floor. It is one of the varieties of built-in core molds.


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