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What is the load-bearing capacity of hollow floors?

Article source: Added time: 2018-04-09

What is the load-bearing capacity of hollow floors?

Hollow floor slab is one of the essential safety considerations in the building. In the practical application of hollow floor slabs, the role of hollow floor slabs is indispensable, but what is the bearing capacity of hollow floor slabs? Many engineers here are not very concerned about this one. Familiar, today I will analyze it for you.
Hollow floor slabs are pre-stressed long round hole slabs throughout the construction industry. This kind of board is divided into industrial board and civilian board, with different specifications and different force analysis.
Generally, hollow floor slabs larger than 6 meters are cross-industrial slabs. The force of this type of board will be much larger than that of ordinary civilian boards.
Take the 6-meter hollow floor slab as an example for illustration. The designed live load is above 250kg / m2. Specific projects need specific analysis, and each type of live load needs to be finally confirmed according to the load requirements on the drawing.
The calculation of the weight of the heart floor slab is relatively complicated, and there are many factors to consider. The following factors must be considered in the architectural design: 1: the number of the prefabricated hollow floor slab 2: the steel model and brand of the hollow floor slab 3: the hollow floor slab How long did their span 4: What is the condition of the support of the hollow floor,
5: The last thing to consider is the thickness of the rafters on the hollow floor


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