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BDF thin wall tube, the advantages of using thin wall square box

Article source: Added time: 2018-04-09

BDF thin wall tube, the advantages of using thin wall square box

(1) Wide application scope The cast-in-situ hollow floor system is suitable for buildings with various spans and loads, especially for multi-story and high-rise buildings with large spans and loads, and large spaces, such as commercial buildings, office buildings, Large and medium-sized public buildings such as libraries, exhibition halls, teaching buildings, stations, multi-storey parking lots, etc. are also suitable for civil buildings such as hotels, entertainment facilities, and large open-plan residences. They are more suitable for multi-storey and single-storey industrial plants, warehouses, Garage etc.
(II) Material saving Compared with general buildings, the cost of reinforced concrete is reduced by 5%, the loss of formwork is reduced by 5%, and vertical water, electricity, elevators, air conditioning, and interior decoration costs are reduced by 10% -15%.
(3) Flexible floor space and floor slabs are conducive to flexible room partitioning. They are suitable for large room layouts. For example, when using large room dwellings, only fixed bathrooms and kitchens are used. Household walls and other rooms are designed and arranged by residents.
(4) Savings on decoration costs As there are no beams, no column caps under the floor, and the room does not need a ceiling, the ceiling decoration and ceiling replacement costs are saved.
(5) Excellent use. Compared with ordinary flat plates and beamless plates, there are no column caps to achieve true flat plates and no protruding parts. Hollow floor slab has high rigidity, small deformation and good seismic performance.
(VI) Low comprehensive cost The cost of civil engineering of this technology is basically the same as that of general reinforced concrete structures. Compared with general flat structural systems and solid beamless slabs, the reduced costs are:
A. The fixed unit price of reinforced concrete without beam plate is 60% of the fixed concrete with beam plate, which reduces the unit price of reinforced concrete;
B. Reduced the total amount of reinforced concrete on the floor;
C. Due to the reduction of the self-weight, the loads on the columns, walls and foundations supporting the floor are correspondingly reduced, which can reduce the section of the component, reduce the reinforcement, and save the cost of the vertical component;
D. Reduced floor height, increased net height, and reduced costs for vertical water, electricity, elevators, interior and exterior wall decoration;
E. The ceiling is omitted, which reduces the cost of ceiling decoration and ceiling replacement;
F. The construction unit reduces formwork loss, reduces support and labor costs for demolishing. Compared with the general beam-slab structure system, the increased costs include the production and installation costs of the core mold. The cast-in-situ hollow concrete structure system offsets the increase and decrease costs. Depending on the load across the river, the total construction cost can be reduced by 5% -20%.
(7) Increasing the headroom height Each floor reduces the beam height by about 0.5 meters, which increases the headroom height and facilitates the installation of horizontal pipelines and air conditioners.
(8) Reducing the co-stress of the core slab and the concrete with the super-high-grade core weight of the floor slab and the building is conducive to improving the stress performance of the concrete.
(IX) Economical and convenient construction Compared with ordinary beam and slab structure, the loss of formwork is reduced, the labor cost of supporting and dismantling formwork is reduced, and the construction is simple, which can save 1/3 of the construction period and reduce the construction cost. Compared with the unbonded prestressed beam floor, it does not need to be stretched and can be formed in one time.
(10) Closed cavity structure with good heat insulation greatly reduces noise transmission, overcomes impact noise interference from upper and lower floors, and solves noise problems such as houses, libraries, classrooms, etc.


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