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Analysis of the advantages of hollow floor design

Article source: Added time: 2018-04-09

Analysis of the advantages of hollow floor design

The hollow floor design is adopted. Compared with the ordinary floor design, the hollow floor has the following advantages:
1. Sound insulation can maximize the effect of listening to symphony under high heels upstairs. (Why European buildings can still be of good quality after centuries of wind and rain is because European buildings have a requirement of floor thickness not less than 25 cm. However, domestic factors mainly considering the cost and material consumption are generally designed to a thickness of about 12 cm, which causes a lot of disadvantages, and the design of the hollow floor must reach a thickness of at least 32 cm);
2. Insulation and heat insulation, because the core mold is a cast closed box, air cannot be convected, so the energy saving effect of the building's heat insulation is particularly obvious;
3. The seismic level is enhanced. If the amount of reinforcing steel is not reduced, the honeycomb-like mechanical structure principle can greatly enhance the stiffness index of concrete, thereby enhancing the seismic level.
4. The anti-seepage ability is enhanced. Due to the use of a closed box of three centimeters thick polymer composite material, the casting thickness of the coagulation section has been enhanced. Compared with the ordinary design, fine cracks will appear on the floor after experiencing special high temperatures. , The cabinet will also change the infiltration path to enhance the level of impermeability;
5. Increase the use space. The infinite hollow floor is actually designed with a hidden beam, that is, the beam is still in, but it is flat, hidden in the floor. According to the effect of mechanical conduction, all the loads on the floor are evenly transmitted to On the structural column, the secondary beam is not transmitted to the structural column through the beam, so after the height of the beam is gone, the use space of at least 40 cm per floor is directly increased, and the interior decoration is more economical and practical;
6, save construction costs, while reducing the use of building materials, energy conservation and consumption also better protect the earth's resources, under the premise of meeting the original design indicators to the maximum extent, guaranteeing the normal use of space height requirements can reduce building floors The height part and the cost of exterior wall insulation decoration will also decrease at the same time. The floor steel can be reduced by more than 18 kg per square meter, and the floor concrete is reduced by 20%. The loss of building formwork and construction time is greatly reduced. The excavation depth of the basement and the Save more on backfill cost;
7. Solve the problem of large-span building structure design. The design of the hollow floor can meet the large-span movie theater to the greatest extent, reduce the design and application of structural columns, and meet the practicability of conference rooms, underground parking lots and shopping malls. The maximum construction column span of the project under construction is 23.98 meters).


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